Peoples Party Playing Politics On Seraiki Province

Peoples Party Government has badly failed to deliver in last 4 years in Pakistan and today Pakistan is in bad situation whether its economy or any other sector. Now Peoples Party is trying to play dirty politics to hide its failure. sometimes they try to play Sindh card and now they are trying to play Seraiki Province card.

President Asif Zardari and PM Gilani wants to get strength in South Punjab in name of Seraiki Province this is why they have started to give statements in support of Seraiki Province at this time just before elections. PPP has done nothing in four years for South Punjab and now they are doing bad politics of dividing and ruling.

Peoples of Pakistan Sindh and South Punjab will have to understand the politics that Peoples Party Leadership is trying to play with them otherwise for next five year as well they will have to face trouble.
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