Siachen Tragedy

By Moeed Pirzada

God! this is a huge tragedy, after 18 hours it looks difficult to find any survivors; may Allah give courage and fortitude to their families and loved one to bear this loss and wisdom to decision makers in Delhi & Islamabad to climb down from this totally sense less mountain of ego.

this is the time to end the 'Siachen dispute' which is not serving any one in India or Pakistan except some crazy generals on both the last 28 years we both have lost hundreds of soldiers to weather each year to cruel weather...let's climb down!

this is a symptom of Indian and Pakistani stupidity, both sides have lost only 150 soldiers in combat against each other since 1984 but thousands more to frost bite, avalanches, crevices and blizzards; this is not only killing both sides but destroying the ecoystem of Himalayas.

 let this tragedy be turned to the demand to end this non-sensical conflict and let Siachen be the symbol of peace and sensibility between India & Pakistan....let this tragedy open our eyes to this shared stupidity......Amen!
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