US Apologizes On SRK Detention But Not For Salala Incident

Famous Indian Film Actor Shahrukh Khan was detained in US today by Airport authorities for two hours and later on left. After this detention American Ambassador in India was called for protest after which US Apologized to Indian Government on this issue. Indian Government refused to accept this apology.

Now come towards second incident. few months ago US Forces killed 26 Pakistani Soldiers in an attack on Salala check point near Afghan border.  it has been several months and US is refusing to apologize Pakistan over this incident that taken lives of 26 Pakistan Army Soldiers.

Do you know why US apologized to Indian Government on SRK detention and not to Pakistan over killing of 26 Pakistani Soldiers??? the reason is our weak, corrupt, dishonest and American slave Government which never takes stand on any issue.  If people of Pakistan wants respect they will have to bring Good rulers who can take stand for them otherwise US will continue to treat us like this.
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