Waheeda Shah And Elite Like Her

By Moeed Pirzada:

this violence by Waheeda Shah against the lady Officer of Election Commission of Pakisan has two aspects; One, the human aspect of will that women get justice? but the second one is: What is the future of Election Commission of Pakistan?

If ECP despite its independence under 18th & 20th Amendements cannot get Waheeda Shah prosecuted & disqualified then it will send a message to all powerful local elite all across Pakistan that they can have election results of their own choice, this is thus a decisive moment for Election Commission, for Pakistani media & civil society; we all must take a stand.

Update: PPP Candidate, Waheeda Shah, who slapped a lady officer of the Election Commission of Pakistan, now forces the same officer to support her? This is called Feudalism? this is called 'Sardari Nizam" if this happened in India the Election Commission would have fried this politician, in Pakistan so far the ECP is still mulling over...What is now the credibility of this Election Commission and of the next Elections..? God! could things be more farcial in Pakistani Democracy?
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