Reality of Democracy

Democracy is the political weapon of the Capitalist colonizers. The political and economic system of the Zionists to rule the world. The Dervesh of the time Baba Iqbal had warned us against western democracy and Capitalist Banking system and had called them as "more vicious than Changez Khan" in nature and hatred for humanity. Today, the whole world is slave to western paper currency, banking system, credit cards, fractional reserves, debt, democracy and capitalist colonization through UN and multinational.

They had orchestrated the world wars and killed hundreds of millions of people ever since Federal Reserve was created to enslave the world through US dollar lending. Remember the last speech of Quaid at the opening of State Bank of Pakistan in 1948 in which he mentioned this???

The wort hit and most enslaved people are the Americans themselves who cannot even breath without the permission of the money lenders. Now the EU zone is also collapsing. The world does not have any solution to the economic meltdown. The Zionist controlled media and education system has created the most ignorant, stupid and slave nation on earth -- The Americans!!!

This is the challenge and the duty of the youth of the Muslim Ummah to rise, guide and lead the world towards Islamic economic, social, political and judicial models of Khilafat e Rashida. We would urge the youth to study the Islamic model of Khilafat e Rashida and also watch our series on the subject and arm yourself with the knowledge and character for the duty ahead. The time will give you an incredible opportunity as the democracy and the capitalism collapse and the world looks towards alternate solutions. Our time has come!
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